Selected Features


Christian Science Monitor, "In Cambodia Daily’s shuttering, ill winds for country’s democracy?" (8.9.17)

CNN, "Yaba addiction: The dark side of Bangladesh's increasing affluence" (6.8.17)

New York Times, "In a Rohingya Refugee Camp, Soccer is a Joyful Escape" (30.7.17)

Nikkei Asia Review, "Inside Bangladesh's Methamphetamine Problem" (23.7.17)

CNN, "From Horror to Hopelessness: Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh" (16.7.17)

SCMP, "Cambodian Red Cross Playing by the Party’s Rules, Watchdog Says" (7.7.16)

SCMP,  "Who is the Real Dutere?- A Gun Loose in the Philippines" (30.6.16)

CNN, "How America and Vietnam Have Become Unlikely Friends" (23.5.16) 

CNN, "Killer Heatwave Wreaks Havoc in Southeast Asia" (11.5.16)

Mashable, "Malaysian Punk Group's Artful Protests are Getting Harder for Authorities to Ignore"(26.4.16)

Christian Science Monitor, "One Man's Fight to Save Cambodia's 'Killing Forests' From the Chainsaws" (19.4.16) 

Deutsche Presse Agentur, "Leckere Insekten brutzeln in Kambodscha" (12.4.16)

Aljazeera, "In Cambodia, Worker's Rights are Slow Coming"  (12.3.16)

The Diplomat, "The Cost of Cambodia's Development" (11.3.16)

Aljazeera, "Myanmar Denies Villagers Access to Ancestral Lands" (28.2.16)

The Fix, "The Opium Farmers of Myanmar" (16.12.15)

The Telegraph, "How Ecstacy-Related Deaths Can be Traced Back to Illegal Logging in Cambodia" (20.11.15)

Aljazeera, "Cambodian Refugees Deported after Decades in US" (20.10.15)

The Fix, "Inside Cambodia's Roughest Rehabs" (8.8.15)

USA Today, "Meet the Giant Hero Rats Sniffing Out Cambodia's Landmines" (16.7.15)

South China Morning Post, "Magical Tattoo Artists of Cambodia" (28.6.15)

Gawker, "How an American NGO Worker Became an In-Demand Shaman in Cambodia" (20.5.15)

The Guardian, "'Watching Titanic Made Me Realise Something was Wrong in my Country" (27.8.14) *Editor's Pick

The Telegraph, "How to Protect Your Personal Space on the Tube" (26.7.14)   * Editor's Choice

Salon, "True Secrets of Psychedelics: Are They Everything They’re Cracked up to be?" (9.6.14)

Christian Science Monitor, "American Warrior Extends Clandestine Aid to Myanmar's Ethnic Minorities" (4.4.15)

Global Post, "What is it Like to be a Rice Farmer?" (30.12.14)

VICE , "Meet the 'Tulpamancers': The Internet's Newest Subculture Is Incredibly Weird" (4.9.14)

VICE, "Inside One of North Korea's Secretive Slave Restaurants" (11.4.14)

Slate, "Rocking Tradition" (10.1.14)

VICE, "Meet Cambodia's Magic Toddler" (13.11.13)

The Phnom Penh Post, "Dharma Bum: A Year in the Pagoda" (3.5.13)



Selected News Reports


CNN, "Cambodia condemned after arresting opposition leader" (6.9.17)

The Telegraph, "Cambodian government accused of 'alarming' crackdown as newspaper closes" (3.9.17) 

South China Morning Post, "Drought has Left Cambodian Schoolchildren Without Enough Drinking Water"(15.5.16)

Telegraph, "Cambodia's Most Beautiful Beach Under Threat From Development" (4.3.16)

Telegraph, "Cambodia builds $40,000 toilet for visit of Thai princess" (23.2.16)

Guardian, "A Throne of Her Own: $40,000 Toilet Built for Thai Royal's Visit to Cambodia" (21.2.16)

Aljazeera, "Cambodia Vote Revives Political Tensions" (29.10.15)

VICE News, "Trading Refugees for Money’: Four of Australia’s Failed Asylum Seekers Arrive in Phnom Penh"(5.6.15)

VICE News,  "Joining Cambodia's Underwater Bomb Squad on their First Live Disposal Mission" (26.5.15)

VICE News, "Inside the Cambodian Village Devastated by an HIV Outbreak" (16.1.15)

VICE News, "Having Dinner with North Korea's Celebrity Defector" (24.10.14)

NBC, "The Ethics of Taking a Trip to North Korea as a Tourist" (9.9.14)

VICE News,  "North Korea has a Big Crystal Meth Problem" (25.4.14)

VICE News , "Cambodians Are Still Angry at Their Government" (21.1.14)
VICE News, "Military Police are Killing the Cambodians Who Make Your Clothes" (3.1.14)
VICE News, "Cambodia's Elections Have Left the Country on a Knife Edge" (3.8.13)​​




CNN, "Cambodia's dream of democracy is dying" (5.9.17)

SCMP, "Is this the beginning of the end for Cambodia’s free press?" (1.9.17)

Medium, "Yoga is a Revolutionary Act" (6.6.17)

The Fix, "The Perils of Healing" (30.4.17)

The Guardian, "Let's Have an Open Relationship" (11.11.15)

The Guardian, "Why Do I Keep Getting Dumped?" (18.10.15)

The Fix, "The Intimacy of Relapse" (4.2.15)

The Independent, "Poetry Slams do Nothing to Help the Art Form Survive" (2.2.13)





The Independent, "A Ghost Town in the Hills of Cambodia" (17.5.16)

South China Morning Post, "The Vomit Detox: Thai Monastery Goes to Extremes Treating Drug Addicts" (24.1.16)

South China Morning Post, "Pchum Ben Festival in Cambodia is a Time to Feed Hungry Ghosts" ( 31.10.15)

BBC, "Cambodia's Creepy Crawly Cuisine" (20.8.15)

South China Morning Post, "Motorbike challenge: riding Thailand's Mae Hong Son Loop" (6.6.15)

Daily Mail Travel, "Rhapsody to a Bohemian Secret" (12.4.13)


Selected Food Writing

VICE Munchies, "Filipino Hog Roasts Are Next Level"  (15.7..16)

VICE Munchies, "This ‘Lucky’ Pasta Could Save Bhutan from MSG Noodles" (18.4.16)

VICE Munchies, "Most Cambodian Coffee is Actually Soy Beans and Scorched Corn" (16.7.15)

VICE Munchies, "Building a Pizza Oven on a Tuk Tuk  is as Impossible as it Sounds" (12.6.15)

VICE Munchies, "Phnom Penh’s Best Breakfast Comes From a Stall Next to a Sewer" (15.4.15)




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